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You’ve got it #MadeInNeedham

Unlock the best amenities in a fun, unique neighborhood at our apartments in Needham.

It’s one thing to live in an apartment that performs at your level without sacrificing style. It’s quite another to find such a combination in a Needham apartment that embodies that same ideal of individual expression, a place where “Made in Needham” is a sign of distinction, a guarantee of both high quality and aesthetic appeal. Here are just a few examples of what that means.

Made from Scratch

Once The Kendrick’s Needham apartments have grabbed your attention, you may find yourself wanting to grab a bite. That’s the moment you’ll discover the variety of diverse cuisines available in Needham. From the rustic charm of The Farmhouse to the eclectic menu at Sweet Basil to the healthy offerings at A New Leaf Market & Cafe, we’re cooking up something for everyone.

Made to Order

The Glass Bar is the place to go if you’re looking for a new hobby or a totally different way to spend a night out with friends. Once you’ve learned the art of crafting glass, you’ll know the joy of expressing your style, your vision, and yes, your satisfaction when friends “ooh” and “ahh”, and you’re able to tell them, “I made that!”

Made to Last

Back in 1876, Needham and Newton were inconveniently separated by the Charles River. The Echo Bridge solved that problem and it still stands today. Visitors feel like they’ve been transported back to colonial times as they walk the area’s trails. Be sure to visit the echo platform on the Newton side to see where the bridge got its name. All over Needham, there’s history to be found – and made.

Made the Old-Fashioned Way

Once you’ve put down roots in Needham, the Needham Farmers Market will help you get back to your roots whenever you want to (in season, of course). As the market’s website tells it, “Every week brings new fresh, local selections, musicians, artists and community fun!”

Made in the Shade

If you know what drumlins and eskers are (something to do with glaciers), you’re going to love Cutler Park. If birdwatching, fishing, hiking, kayaking or mountain biking is more your style…you’re going to love Cutler Park. It’s 600 acres protecting the largest freshwater marsh on the middle Charles River. And it’s just one of the many green spaces that make Needham a natural destination.

Made for Each Other

That would be you and The Kendrick. The Needham apartments that prove there’s a great life to be made – in Needham. View our floor plans to choose the right apartment for you and contact us to come see it for yourself.

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