A woman standing on a train holding onto the pole.

Embrace Your Transportation Freedom at The Kendrick.

Needham, MA, apartments, that give you access to everything.

We’re not going to presume to know where you’re going. Your “there” isn’t his “there”, isn’t my “there”. But, what we can promise at The Kendrick Needham, MA, Apartments is that you can get where you’re going, and pretty easily at that. View our interactive map to see all our location offers.


All roads lead to The Kendrick

It’s kind of true. The roads we’re focused on here are major highways like I-95 and the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90). These expressways help our residents get anywhere in the region with ease. Waltham, Cambridge, and Boston are minutes away, allowing our residents to have quick access to these major arteries of automotive transport.

So, whether it’s your daily commute or you just want to pop into the city for a few things, getting around in a car from The Kendrick couldn’t be easier. Of course, getting back and pulling into your parking space is pretty sweet, too.


Or train it

Train more your style? Well, there are a couple of MBTA commuter rail stations close by, Needham Center and Needham Heights. So, you can leave your car at home for your commute or for a carefree night out in Boston. When you take a good look at your options, you’ll take a second look at The Kendrick.


But why go anywhere?

All this talk about getting to other places in the region shouldn’t make you think that there isn’t plenty to do and see right here at home in your Needham, MA, apartment. Think biergarten, rock-climbing wall, three-story fitness center, a pool that makes you feel like you’re at a five-star resort, a rooftop deck, grills, and courtyards…and that’s just at The Kendrick! There are lots of things to do in Needham, too. And now is the perfect time to schedule a tour and check it all out for yourself.

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