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Concierge Desk at The Kendrick

Embrace smart living through technology

Experience a tech-forward lifestyle at The Kendrick apartments in Needham, MA.

While we don’t have jetpacks to fly around town (yet), advances in technology are improving our lives every day. At The Kendrick, we’ve tried to incorporate tech throughout our community to make life for our residents a little safer, cooler and more convenient.


Everything starts with getting into the building, and The Kendrick features one of the smartest entry access systems available, LATCH. This intuitive technology lets you get into the building, amenity spaces and your apartment in a number of different ways. You can use a keycard, smartphone or a doorcode, which means you can easily let in friends, maintenance, dog-walkers, deliveries, etc., all from your phone.Kitchen and Patio at The Kendrick

Once in your apartment there are a number of features that just make daily life smoother. Most apartment kitchens have an overhead light that illuminates the space, but under-cabinet countertops have always been little pockets of darkness. The Kendrick added touchpad-controlled dimmable lights under the counters to give you the light you need to tackle any task, plus it gives the kitchen an indisputably high-end feel. And of course, we’ve added a charging station to the counter so you’ll never have to search for an outlet to charge your phone, laptop, tablet or any other device that needs to be powered up.


When you live at the Kendrick, the entire building, including all the amenities and social spaces, is an extension of your apartment. That’s why we have Wi-Fi throughout the building on your very own private network. This way you don’t have to change networks from fitness center to apartment to beer garden to pool. Seamlessly move from one space to the next, access your media library or send something to your printer. It’s a convenience that speaks to the high level of personal service you can expect from a Toll Brothers Apartment Living community; it’s just how we do it.

Library at the KendrickYou’ll also find a Sonos® audio system in the amenities areas that can control music from your phone or other smart devices to pump up the jams or mellow out with tunes as needed. Plus, the TVs can be controlled through a touch screen system, making searching for the remote a thing of the past.

Everyone loves getting a package in the mail; it’s one of the few things you can’t really download from the Internet. And with our Package Concierge system, you get an email alert as soon as your parcel arrives with a code to get that new pair of shoes or gadget or whatever at the locker whenever you want. These tech features make these spaces cool and convenient, but the next feature can really help change your life.

Two-story fitness center with rock climbing wall, fitness machines and natural light.Getting regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve you life. It helps your body and brain work more efficiently, and it gives you more energy to do all the things you want to do. Staying motivated is the hardest part. If only you had a personal trainer… you do now. With Wellbeats™ in the fitness center, you have access to a host of different classes that digitally deliver professional trainers and workout plans to you on your schedule. So that’s a three-story gym with hundreds of classes, from strength and flexibility to cycling to toning and weight loss, you can take thanks to modern advances in fitness tech. For a deeper dive into all that The Kendrick fitness center offers, check out the full story (of all three stories) here.

Don’t just take our word for it that these are the apartments in Needham, MA where you can be totally connected. Schedule your tour of The Kendrick today to see for yourself all the great features you get when you live here.


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Embrace smart living through technology

Experience a tech-forward lifestyle at The Kendrick apartments in Needham, MA. While we don’t have jetpacks to fly around town (yet), advances in technology are improving our lives every day. … read more

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